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Disposable Mask Koken 355


Respiratory protection products very popular today, to ensure worker safety.WTPSafety produces and supplies many new types of respiratory protection tools with superior features, suitable for different industry characteristics, to bring the highest efficiency for worker safety.


WTPSafety is the commercial representative for the head protection products industry in Vietnam

WTP GROUP with more than 20 member companies, includingWTPSafety is a pioneering and reliable company in the field of consulting on exporting labor protection products. With a team of experienced experts and a deep understanding of the Vietnamese market as well as international trade culture, we are committed to bringing maximum benefits to Vietnamese partners, consumers and workers. .

Our company represents 10 large factories in Vietnam, exporting a large output of 20,000+ tons annually. At the same time, we have also researched and established relationships between supplying companies and factories. and produces leading head protection labor protection products in Vietnam. We also have many years of experience in distributing products to meet worldwide needs, strictly ensuring quality and product standards set by the European Union.


Diversity in products

We understand that consumer needs are always changing and the desire for variety is increasing. Therefore, to ensure the constantly changing needs of businesses, we have made efforts to expand the range of quality and quantity in product types. We always innovate and take the lead in exploring new product types, keeping up with consumer trends, ensuring we can provide businesses with the best products.


The main products we provide:

  • Filter department
  • Anti-chemical mask
  • Anti-dust mask
  • Air tank to assist breathing
  • Air filtering mask
  • 3M dust filter

Scale production

With more than 100 partners worldwide, we are confident about our output. All of our products meet strict internationally recognized standards and certifications specific to complex products according to local laws and religious requirements. We are maintaining the application of the Quality Management System according to standards ISO 9001:2015; ISO 13485:2016

Contact us

Contact us now by filling out the contact form you can find on this page. Or contact our team atcrm@wtp.vn and call us at0971279099. We are ready to serve your company with professional and reputable services.