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About us

Welcome to WTP Safety (World Trade Partners for Processed Agricultural Products) - Global Trade Promotion Partners for Protective Products!

Are you looking for a reliable partner in developing the supply chain of protective products from Vietnam? Please choose to cooperate with us for your success.



WTP GROUP with more than 20 member companies, of which WTP Safety is a pioneer and reliable company in the field of consulting on exporting Vietnamese protective products. With a team of experienced experts and a deep understanding of the Vietnamese market as well as international trade culture, we are committed to bringing maximum benefits to Vietnamese partners, consumers and workers. .

gioi thieu



Contribute to affirming the brand position of Vietnamese labor protection products in the international market


Always strive to become one of the leading corporations as trade partners for labor protection products in Vietnam.


Comprehensive ecosystem: with more than 20 professional member companies from production, export consulting to distribution.

Trusted Partner: Build partnerships based on a "culture of discipline" and a "culture of service" to ensure trust and satisfaction.

Environmental protection: Put environmental protection first, use environmentally friendly production methods to protect natural resources and maintain ecological balance.



Commercial representative for 2 main business areas

Labor protection products: Putting quality criteria first, Vietnamese labor protection products meet international standards and are not limited in output.

OEM/ODM/Brand products: WTP Safety ensures all customer requirements are met, ranging from size, design to composition.

Trusted partner for global businesses

As a commercial representative of labor protection products in Vietnam, we support connecting cooperation opportunities, providing market analysis reports, strategic consulting and helping to minimize disagreements. about business culture in the process of implementing cooperation with the supply chain of Vietnamese labor protection products. WTP Safety promises to bring outstanding advantages in "Quality - Output - Price" to partners.

With the mission of bringing labor protection products from Vietnam to the world, WTP Safety not only wishes to contribute to national economic growth but also promote sustainable development for the entire labor protection industry, helping to improve the quality of labor protection products. increase the income and life of Vietnamese workers.

Contact us to discover how we can support the sustainable growth of your business!


Contact Info:

Company name: WTP Investment Consulting Company

Tax code: 0316766866

Address: 73 Street 43, Tan Quy Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hotline: +84971279099

Email: crm@wtp.vn

Website: https://wtpsafety.com

Sincerely serve our partners!